The Cadet Honor Code

Let’s start with the West Point Honor Code: “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.” Other academies add “So help me God” or some such affirmation of the importance of the concepts. This is done because in combat, lying, cheating, stealing leads to the death of fellow soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen and airwoman. The United States has been in multiple wars recently including the pandemic and the assault on truth and the capital. The very largest portion of the Republicans do not abide by the Cadet Honor Code. They support the big lie; they do not hold accountable those who incited and instigated the capital riot; they have disdain for wearing a mask due to its inconvenience despite that citizens of this country have been inconvenienced by rationing sugar, gasoline, salt, meat, rubber and all the amenities of life. They cannot be counted on in combat where the lives of others depend upon their integrity.

So, America is a punch-drunk fighter in round five of a six round fight. And like the drunk she needs a bottom to recover from her addiction to falsehoods, discord, hatred of fellow citizens, an antagonism to science among other maladies of non-productive nor helpful fog generated beliefs. (The Republican slogans can morph into any desired belief current in the mind of any supporter right down to the belief in alien abduction.) The pandemic was not deep enough, nor the destruction and death in the Capital, nor the epidemic of mass shootings, nor the big lie, nor entertainment networks which pose as news sources. Greater hurt, death, destruction and poverty will be needed. It is coming from the other fighter in the ring. Both Russia, Trump and the Republican’s friend, and China know this country is on the ropes. They, or our internal terrorists, will continue to rain down punches until the country is a carcass. And they continue their quest for the death of this country the latest example of which is the pirating of the Colonial Pipeline in exchange for a ransom. If all the sands on all the beaches in the world were prayers for some form of integrity, it will not change the outcome until a bottom of sufficient pain is had or until the country is a carcass.